Passport to Mexico

Are you about to travel Mexico? Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico? The reality is that you do not need a Passport to Travel to Mexico, but you DO NEED an Entry Permit for Tourists, known as the Multiple Immigration Form (FMM).

Passport to Mexico Requirements

So instead of talking about the Requirements to Process your Passport to Mexico, we will tell you about the Requirements to Process your Multiple Immigration Form (FMM), in this way you will be able to process your Entry Pass as a Tourist to Travel to Mexico.

  • The first thing you have to know is the means of entry by which you will arrive in Mexico (air or land).
  • Later (depending on whether you will arrive in Mexico by land or air), know which city and state you will go to (Port or Airport).
  • Finally, have your valid and current Passport (issued by your country of residence), at hand; to get started and fill out your online application.

Can you go to Mexico without Passport?

Can i get into Mexico without a passport? Yes you can!, as long as you previously process your Entry Permit as a Tourist to visit Mexico (by air or land). This permit allows you to transit through Mexican territory for up to 180 days, protects your rights and freedoms when entering Mexico legally and safely, and proves your condition of regular stay without permission to carry out paid activities.

Travel to Mexico without Passport

All you need to do and have to travel to Mexico without a Passport is your approved Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) (remember that you can apply online right now); in an easy, fast and simple way.

All you need is to have the Passport of your country, valid, current and at hand.

¿How can Apply for Passport Application Mexico?

Get your Multiple Immigration Form (FMM), in 3 easy steps…

Fill out the form with your data (if you travel by air or land).

You make the corresponding Payment to generate, download and print.

In less than 15 minutes (you finish your application to travel to Mexico without Passport), you will receive your Multiple Immigration Form in less than 48 hours.

Join the More than 1,124 happy people, who have already filed their Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) online!…

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